Update of the corporate calendar

Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, 28 March 2019. IGEA Pharma N.V. (SIX: IGPH) today announced an update of its corporate calendar. The annual general meeting is newly set-up for 27 May 2019. The presentation of the 2018 financials and the Q1 2019 financials is newly set-up for 26 April 2019 and 27 May 2019 respectively. The update is due to some additional work necessary to harmonize with SIX and Dutch disclosure requirements. The updated corporate calendar is available under 4healthy.nl/investors-relations/

About IGEA

IGEA is the holding of a group of companies operating in the prevention of degenerative diseases. IGEA offers medical testing devices and dietary supplements. IGEA has developed an innovative test to measure Free Copper II in the blood stream. Free Copper II is an established marker of Wilson disease now considered one of the major modifiable risk factors of Alzheimer’s disease (“AD”) and Diabetes Type II (“DBT2”). Based on more than twenty years of validated scientific research, it is proven that free copper can predict the progression of cognitive decline and is a risk factor for AD and DBT2. Reducing and controlling Free Copper II can reduce up to three and nine times the risk of AD and DBT2


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